Emmanuil Morari

Emmanuil Morari

About the Director

Emmanuil, a first-generation immigrant who views the world through the lens of storytelling, is an evolving filmmaker. His international background—a childhood spent in Moldova, Ireland, and Canada—significantly influences his distinctive voice and genre-blended work, with a keen focus on cathartic magic realism.

His work features several successful shorts like “She Lies Beautiful”, “Who’s a Good Boy”, “Hello Crazy”, and “Just 4 Kicks.” He as over 30 shorts and multiple features written to his name.

A founding member of Take7 Productions, Emmanuil has produced and directed for brands such as Red Bull, Ripple Milk and the NBA. 

Guided by an unwavering belief in the transformative potential of storytelling, Emmanuil collaborates closely with Indigenous communities to safeguard their invaluable wisdom and knowledge.