Eclectic Filmmakers, Compelling Content Creators, and Passionate Problem Solvers. 


We deliver strategic video solutions to connect with your audience — content above the status quo.



What does that mean?



It means that just having media content today is not enough. It means: standing out, having a unique perspective, not fitting the mold. Creating content with intention. Content with a goal to appeal to our client’s audience, created with strategy that has been engineered like a 747. 



We harness the power of story to connect us.



Through utilizing accomplished directors that have the talent to cross-pollinate genres,  we create style infused commercials, social ads, and brand films. This breathes into our creative pursuits in narrative film and music video production.



At Take7 Productions



We want to push the envelope, seeking intention for every solution we provide, finding the purpose behind every project, pursuing—




Let's make your vision a reality.

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