Anthology of Art – Conrad Schmitt Studios

Project Summary

“Anthology of Art” offers a rare glimpse into the world of creative mastery, where art and artists come alive in the hands of Director Emmanuil Morari. Through exclusive access to Conradt Schmitt Studios, the docu-film crafts a mesmerizing tribute to traditional art forms. Honoring their craft with their own, the filmmakers envisioned a project that allowed for art to come alive and breathe.

With a classical touch, DOP Kyle Kadow’s approach captures intricate details, wide spaces, and the metaphorical essence of an art studio. In this captivating journey, immerse yourself in a realm where art and cinematic artistry converge.


Jordan Larson


Jordan Hiltz

Project Manager

Writer / Director

Emmanuil Morari

Director of Photography

Kyle Kadow

Editor / Post Supervisor

Jordan Hiltz

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