What If – Riv/Crete

Project Summary

When Riv/Crete asked for a stylistic commercial – something that would stand out amongst the competition – we knew we had to create something special. The concept took hold around the idea of “What If” – a question asked by those at Riv/ Crete about what things would look like if you went beyond just getting the job done. In the end, it’s not always about finding the answer, but about continuing to ask the right questions.

Take7 plugged the highly visual directing duo at Found Format: Kyle Kadow & Steven Cleavland – often known for their gritty style to bring that sensibility to commercial concrete. The task: make this look cool as hell. With powerful visuals and a baritone voice over – the commercial was highly praised for it’s stand out appeal.



Jordan Larson


Emmanuil Morari & Jordan Hiltz


Found Format

Director of Photography

Kyle Kadow



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