ARCW // Betty’s Story

Project Summary

Donation video for ARCW’s annual gala.

We were approached by BlackBox visuals to create a donation video for their client ARCW
(The Aids Resource of Wisconsin) to be presented at their annual gala. The purpose of the video was to tell the story of Betty, a former patient at ARCW. Along with ARCW’s new services like Tele Health. A live FaceTime tool to allow patients to speak with their providers at an expedited rate.

Betty’s son in law, Joel, was tasked with telling her story in any way he could. This video is a highlight of that story.

CAST: Joel Gollhardt, Debra Endean, Kemba Benyard, Will Storm, Miguel Diaz, Rachel Kuhse.



Jordan Hiltz

Director of Photography

Jordan Larson


Emmanuil Morari

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