Felix & Rosie

Project Summary

Every Day Ministries & Every Day Hope approached our team looking for a series of videos that could tell the stories of their non-profit efforts in the Dominican Republic.

These sister organizations seek to raise the standard of living in developing nations and do so through empowering local community leaders who have all the heart but lack the resources. Director Jordan Larson wanted to capture something that was a reflection of the mission, and didn’t have to look far to find incredible people who were deeply impacted by Every Day’s efforts.

Rosy and her husband Felix were kind, gracious, and welcome to share their hearts with the camera. The crew was blessed to have such great local leaders to film with to share their stories. Felix & Rosy is one of five video vignettes Take7 created for the various initiatives of the Every Day organizations.


Jordan Hiltz


Jordan Larson


Emmanuil Morari

Director of Photography

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