COVID-19 Precautions

These guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of your team and Take7’s producers and crew before, during, and after working in the field during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic and different local environments, guide-lines are routinely updated.

  • Mask Up

    Our team is following national and local health guidelines by wearing protective masks on set, in the office and - we admit - sometimes alone in the car.

  • Monitor Symptoms

    Cast and crew are required to monitor body temperature and symptoms for two days prior to production. While on set, we encourage regular temperature checks and understand the need to immediately remove anyone displaying symptoms.

  • Six Feet For All

    We don’t like being this far apart, but it’s a sacrifice we’re more than willing to make for the greater good! We have strict capacity limiations and observe social distancing on set, as able. This minimizes people and maximizes space for every production and in the studio.

  • Sanitize + Repeat

    All film and set equipment is sanitized before and after each production session. Equipment will be disinfected in front of crew and cast routinely during shoot so they can see we are taking precautions for their safety, as well as ours.

  • Remote Directing

    Changing travel restrictions and increased risks of exposure have made us extra creative. We now proudly offer remote directing services, allowing us to lead projects from anywhere.