The Benefits of Gusbandry

Project Summary

“The Benefits of Gusbandry works the straight-gay friendship thing deliciously, thanks to sharp writing and spirited performances. “The season finale is a delirious 16 minute masterpiece of pretension puncturing.” – The New York Times Critics Notebook.  Lauded by press and fans alike, the 10 episode short form comedic digital series – “The Benefits of Gusbandry” created and directed by Alicia J. Rose continues make new fans with its down to earth comedy, relatable characters, and zeitgeisty storylines. Streaming on Amazon Prime and Streampix/Xfinity.



Courtenay Hameister & Alicia J. Rose


Lara Cuddy & Alicia J. Rose


Alicia J Rose

Directors of Photography

Ellie Anne Fenton & Bradley Sellers

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